Wedding Flower Price Guide

Most couples before their wedding, have little experience buying flowers, and therefore often have no idea of pricing or the multitude of options. This guide is by no means completely extensive but gives a starting point for a rough approximation to the overall cost of your wedding flowers.

Of course, there are lots of arrangements that are not included, or perhaps haven’t been dreamt up yet – please do get in touch, and we can take it from there. Look forward to hearing from you.


  • Bridal bouquet – £90
  • Adult Bridesmaids bouquet – £48
  • Flowergirl posy – £15 to £28
  • Standard Buttonhole – £7
  • Wrist Corsages – £18
  • Flowergirl Circlet – £14 to £25
  • Petals for throwing – £2 per small handful. 


  • Floral Columns – from £200 each
  • Half Crescent – from £400
  • Rectangular Arch – from £400
  • Moongate – from £600


  • Standard Pedestal – £125 – re-employed at reception
  • Large Pedestal – £150
  • Extra Large Pedestal – £190


  • Registrars table – £130
  • Porch arrangements – from £120
  • Window Sill – £80 – £160 – size dependant


  • Chair ties – £12
  • Aisle vases –  £22 – can be reused on the tables
  • Cascading Pew-ends – £25
  • Floor standing runners – £60


  • Blown rose place settings £2 each
  • Gesture bottles – £7 each
  • Essen Vases from £38
  • Foliage runner at £30 per 6ft trestle
  • Hurricane vase with garland base – £130
  • Tall table stands, candelabra, rectangular stands, floral trees from £150 each


  • Floral wreaths – £150
  • Staircase finials- £130 each
  • Mantelpiece – £120 to £600 – size dependant
  • Floral Drapes at £13/mete

The prices quoted are for the type of arrangements, and not the specific colours or flowers. This is to be used as a general guide, the flowers at your wedding will be bespoke designs tailored to your inspiration and requirements.

We do not have a minimum spend, we love to do both small intimate bridal flowers, and huge lavish parties.

Fleur Provocateur Ltd does not charge VAT (saving of 20%).

A delivery charge will apply.

A few words on budget

Being British, we are not open about discussing money but remember all your suppliers, not just florists, are business people and will comfortably guide you through the planning stages, this is often easier if all cards are laid out on the table at the start. This aims to break down the costs associated with wedding flowers and shine a light on an area of wedding planning that isn’t often fully understood.

A common misperception is if you say the word ‘wedding’ then the price doubles, “why does the bridal bouquet cost triple what a bouquet would in a supermarket?’’. The answer is it’s made using a different method, with more select ingredients, with due care. Layering on-top of this consultation, design time, administration, ordering, processing and conditioning, and clearing up after your wedding.

Using ‘seasonal flowers’ or ‘foliage-only’ doesn’t necessarily mean cheaper either, for example; English-grown roses are bang in season in June, but they’re often double the price of cheaper imported counterparts. However, they’re scented, aesthetically very different and most importantly British.

Have a think and make a list of your essentials, and then your wish-list items. Your essentials will include your bridal bouquet, bridesmaids and buttonholes, and table decoration. Many of which you can see above in the price guide. Your wish-list items may include *that* flower arch, church décor, or floral installation. Some items and bespoke schemes will need a consultation to pin down so many variables, but starting with a ball-park cost – it helps couples and it helps me.

As a general rule, the flower spend is usually around 10% of the final figure of the wedding. Some couples will spend less, some will spend more. Many may choose to DIY their own wedding flowers, and we are happy to supply you with cut flowers.   

You may now have an ideal budget in mind, simply tell your florist. Remember we are here to help. There is little point designing schemes that are far too lavish, or too scarce, save time – both yours or theirs – by being upfront. There are florists out there to suit every taste, every budget and every client, we will also make recommendations if we don’t think we are the right florist for you.

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