putting the magic back into wedding planning

We know the current situation has put a dampener on many wedding plans, and obviously means exciting consultations cannot go ahead, in light of this we have created two new propositions: ‘postal proposal’ and ‘design dispatch’ under the umbrella of ‘through the letterbox’.


Traditionally, before quoting for your wedding, we would meet up for a consultation, chatting about you, the feel and style of your day, details and budget. Instead of meeting in person, we have moved this online to a video call at your convenience.

A few days after, through the post you will receive your beautifully packaged mood-board, and quote based on our discussions.

Free of Charge.

Please get in touch to confirm our availability for your wedding date, and we will organise a consultation.

N.B Our minimum spend for wedding commissions of £3’000 applies. We are currently only taking 2021 bookings.


Similarly, we know the current uncertainty may have delayed couples committing to their wedding plans. However, you may have more time freed up for wedding research.

We are offering our design and styling advice to couples, even if you aren’t considering booking Fleur Provocateur for your flowers. This is the perfect gift for someone who may have had to postpone or put their plans on hold, but would still like the joy and excitement of chatting flowers.

This consists of a fantastic video consultation with Caroline. Taking advantage of all of her expertise; design and logistical, colour and flowers, budgets and recommendations. Then through your letterbox, in a beautifully presented box, you will also receive a mood board, styling guide, candle samples, ribbon swatches, with a few other goodies tucked in.

Investment: £120

Please get in touch to organise a consultation. We look forward to chatting!

Who is this aimed at?

- Couples that aren’t committing to wedding plans at the moment, but want to use this time to explore options.
- Couples who are doing flowers themselves, or with the help of family members.
- Couples who are out of our hours-radius, or we aren’t available for the date.

What might the consultation cover?

- Colour palettes that work particularly well, and those that don’t!
- Flowers that are in season in your proposed month
- Design ideas for your tablescape: linen, crockery, glasses.
- Flowers and quantities if you are looking to DIY
- Styling ideas for continuity throughout your wedding
- Flower budget planning and cost expectations.
- Supplier recommendations
- And anything else you may want to ask!

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