About Fleur Provocateur

Fleur Provocateur was established ten years ago as a leading flower design company in the South-West. We are passionate about flowers, inspired by the countryside, and lead by professional design backgrounds.

There are two fabulous aspects to our work, firstly meeting people, discussing their ideas, to produce a truly individual design that reflects their personality and style. Secondly, working with flowers, an ever-changing medium, challenging and endlessly satisfying.

We look forward to hearing from you,


 “Hey Caroline/Florist Queen! You are a dream! We cannot thank you enough, you did everything we asked and then some! Every time we look through our photos we just smile from ear to ear as we are reminded of the beautiful florals, colours, and arrangements you put together!”

Our Flowers

The French noun, Provocateur, is used to describe a person who entices, persuades or challenges others. This is the seed of Fleur Provocateur philosophy. We want to create flower designs that are alluring, evocative and challenge the norm. Through flowers we try to express and capture the emotion within their seasonal nature, wondrous scents, incredible textures, and myriad of colours.

As a qualified garden landscaper, I love pottering in my own garden with my dogs. In the Fleur Provocateur cutting patch I grow a selection of the best loved garden flowers, including scented sweet-peas, cosmos, dahlias, lily of the valley, and fragrant foliage. Wherever possible I buy locally grown British flowers, others are sourced worldwide from reputable wholesalers. All our spent flowers are composted and nourish next year’s flower harvest.

“All we can say is WOW, Caroline met our brief perfectly;  we were blown away by the stunning display that greeted us and the beautiful perfumed smell of the flowers (I shed a few tears it was quite overwhelming)”


For behind the scene shots, latest events, hidden gems of venues and to see wedding florals from picking to tidy-up: follow us on Instagram. @Fleur_Provocateur has been a joy to curate, showcase photographers’ incredible work and connect with lovely couples, fellow creatives or those just interested in a bit of pretty on their feed. Do pop on and say hello!

Wow @Fleur_Provocateur! Definitely worth doing it all over again, if only for this heavenly vision of floral, romantic, perfection! Where were you 20 years ago?!  #lovelovelove

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Please contact Caroline to arrange an informal chat, to discuss your aspirations, ideas and requirements.