Hi, I'm Caroline

Heading up the close-knit team is Caroline, an expert in creating beautiful, unique and unruly flowers. As an avid horticulturist and qualified garden designer, this has developed Fleur Provocateur signature style; bountiful floral designs that reflect nature and the seasons.

When I started FP fifteen or so years ago, it was partly by chance, and partly as an outlet for my own flowery aspirations. All these years on, I can now reflect and say it is the most wonderfully fulfilling role. Back then I could never imagined all the people I have the pleasure of meeting and the incredible fellow professionals I get to work with.

Creating that little bit of magic, that heart-pausing moment when a couple see their vision - this is an absolute privilege and joy.

If you feel I could tell your unique floral story, please get in touch, I would love to hear from you.


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