the sprinkling of magic

Established 15 years ago, Fleur Provocateur is a leading wedding florist based on the Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire border.

We pride ourselves in striving for sustainability and seasonality, our client service and magical flowers. This is equates to our six tenets behind our ethos.

1. Sustainability

2. Colour focus

3. Design Concept & Styling

4. Little Black Book of Recommendations

5. Just like Magic - Logistical Bliss

6. Large-Scale Design

2023 National Wedding Florist - The Wedding Industry Awards



Creative Director

Heading up the close-knit team is Caroline, an expert in creating beautiful, unique and unruly flowers. As an avid horticulturist and qualified garden designer, this has developed Fleur Provocateur signature style; bountiful floral designs that reflect nature and the seasons.

When I started FP fifteen or so years ago, it was partly by chance, and partly as an outlet for my own flowery aspirations. All these years on, I can now reflect and say it is the most wonderfully fulfilling role. Back then I could never imagined all the people I have the pleasure of meeting and the incredible fellow professionals I get to work with.

Creating that little bit of magic, that heart-pausing moment when a couple see their vision - this is an absolute privilege and joy.


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