Chedington Estate: A Dorset Wedding Florist’s Dream Venue

April 20, 2024

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Caroline & Antonia x

A Wedding Weekend Enshrined in Luxury and Natural Beauty

Nestled in the serene valleys of Dorset, Chedington Estate emerges as a breathtaking canvas for couples seeking an exclusive and intimate wedding weekend experience. Fleur Provocateur, your recommended Chedington wedding florist, is delighted to offer this guide into the heart of a venue where dreams are woven into the tapestry of 100 acres of pastoral elegance. We love working with Melanie, Danielle and the team behind Bellissimo weddings who manage this beautiful venue.

Dorset wedding florist

Image by Katharine Davies

The Captivating Setting

Chedington Estate, a hidden jewel in Dorset, presents a setting that seems to have been designed by nature exclusively for celebrations of love. Here, the gentle flow of the River Axe sets the rhythm while the enchanting Jurassic Coast beaches call from the horizon, making it the idyllic stage for any wedding.

Weekend Weddings

Weddings at Chedington aren’t mere single-day events; they’re weekend-long narratives of love and joy. The venue graciously hosts up to 220 guests, seamlessly transitioning between the elegance of The Grange to the open-air romance of the lawn or the unique charm of The Barn and Courtyard draped pergolas.

Imagine a Friday filled with ease, arriving to a serene check-in followed by a poolside relaxation and joyful celebrations on the terrace against the backdrop of Dorset’s undulating hills. Select from a self-catered supper or a BBQ to welcome your guests, or indulge in the culinary expertise of Chedington’s resident chefs.

Echoing the tranquil essence of the countryside, Chedington offers accommodations akin to a fairy tale for up to 34 guests.

Chedington wedding florist

Image by Peppermint Love Photography

The Day of Dreams

On your cherished wedding day, awaken to the aroma of a lavish grazing breakfast prepared by the estate’s chef, or enjoy the warm familiarity of self-catered meals in the comfort of the house kitchens.

The bespoke nature of Chedington weddings guarantees that your special day remains adaptable to your vision and impervious to the whims of weather. With numerous ceremony locations at your disposal, each moment becomes a photo opportunity, encapsulating the essence of your union.

With a commitment to sustainability, inclusivity, and fashion-forward elegance, rest assured that Chedington is more than just a venue; it’s an experience curated to perfection.

Your Dorset Wedding Florist at Chedington

Our team at Fleur Provocateur has had the pleasure of orchestrating floral masterpieces within this timeless setting. Witness the union of floral artistry and quintessential venue beauty by visiting the link to one of our memorable showcases at Chedington Estate.

Chedington weddings, coupled with the expertise of Dorset Wedding Florist, Fleur Provocateur, weave a nuptial experience that transcends mere moments into lifelong memories. Allow us to guide you through a celebration that is bound to be as limitless in beauty and elegance as the rolling hills of Dorset.

For more information on bookings and how to transform your wedding day into a Chedington story, contact us and begin crafting the weekend you’ve always envisioned.

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