How to find your Wedding Florist

June 22, 2023

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For engaged couples, one of the most exciting and aesthetically significant decisions in the wedding planning process is selecting the perfect florist. With today’s booming wedding industry, finding the best match can be a daunting task. Here’s a comprehensive guide from Fleur Provocateur to help you look past the dazzling blooms and find a wedding florist that’s just right for you.

Step 1: Sifting Through Socials and Websites

The digital landscape has transformed how we connect with potential vendors. Engaging with a florist’s content on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest is an excellent way to preview their style. But don’t stop there; visit their official website to get a broader sense of their work. Look for consistency in their portfolio, ensuring that any social posts reflect the craftsmanship evident in real projects on their site.

Step 2: Experience is Key

With the availability of styled photo shoots, floral portfolios can sometimes be misleading. Ensure that your potential florist has significant experience beyond editorials. Real weddings present unique challenges that require seasoned professionals. Ask for a detailed portfolio that includes a variety of venues and floral types.

Step 3: The Truth About Press Endorsements

Florists often boast mentions in wedding publications, but it’s important to consider where this recognition comes from. Some ‘Top 10’ lists are sponsored, often by directory companies. Genuine accolades from reputable sources like independent blogs can carry more weight.

Step 4: Testimonials Unveil the Client Experience

Past clients are often the best indicators of a florist’s performance. Testimonials, especially those on Google Reviews, provide a transparent view of the client experience. Look for consistent praise across different weddings for quality, reliability, and customer service.

Step 5: Insider Insight from Referrals

Wedding professionals work closely together and are a great source of recommendations. A referral from a trusted wedding planner, venue coordinator, or photographer can provide a unique behind-the-scenes perspective. They can share how well the florist collaborates and executes on the day.

Have you found your perfect Wedding Florist?

Before making your decision, it’s crucial to schedule a consultation with your shortlisted florists. Take your time to discuss your vision for the wedding and observe how well they understand and interpret your ideas. Alongside creativity, communication, and budget alignment, a good florist should provide you with peace of mind, and inspire excitement.

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