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Belcombe Court: An English Garden Wedding Venue

April 21, 2023

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Caroline & Antonia x

In the idyllic countryside of Somerset, Belcombe Court offers a majestic backdrop where love stories can unfold amidst historical grandeur and lush landscapes. This breathtaking Grade I listed Georgian house is not only a landmark of architectural beauty but also a coveted canvas for couples dreaming of an exclusive luxury wedding experience.

From event planners scouring England for the perfect venue to engaged couples seeking a fairy-tale setting, Belcombe Court’s allure is undeniable, promising memories as timeless as its walls. As a Somerset wedding florist, let us guide you through beautiful Belcome Court.

The Storied Elegance of Belcombe Court

With origins dating back to 1700, Belcombe Court stands as a testament to the craftsmanship and design of yesteryears. The esteemed John Wood the Elder, revered for his influential work across Bath, extensively remodelled the estate in 1734. Traversing through its spaces, one can’t help but be transported to an era where every detail and flourish celebrated the opulence of Georgian architecture.

Your Dream Somerset Wedding with Floral Splendor

At just under an hour from Bath, we position ourselves as a natural, abundant choice for those seeking a Belcombe Court wedding florist. Our expertise in transforming marquee spaces through the romantic language of flowers complements the intrinsic beauty of Belcombe Court. Marquee weddings, with their canvas of endless possibility, are a particular speciality of ours, accentuating each couple’s vision with bespoke floral arrangements.

A Venue Like No Other

Belcombe Court is a venue that boasts a versatile array of ceremonial and celebratory spaces:

  • The 18th Century Barn: Whether envisioned for your heartfelt nuptials or as an electrifying after-party locale, this space resonates with historic charm.
  • The Summer House Dining: Envision intimate gatherings along the central path leading up to the delightful Summer House, a creation envisioned by Rupert Goldby.
  • Sacred Vows: For those dreaming of a traditional church ceremony, the Trinity Church and St Thomas More’s Catholic Church are within a soul-stirring walk.
  • Marquee Majesty: With 60 acres of parkland punctuated by a Doric rotunda, a whimsical grotto, and a ‘temple’ in ruins, the grounds present an idyllic stage for marquee receptions.
  • Walled Garden Wonders: Envisioned by the award-winning Arne Maynard, the walled garden awaits to serve as the canvas for your blossoming love story.

Fellow Bath Venues

Nearby, venues such as Parish House, Hamswell House, Farleigh House, and Babington House also offer their distinctive charms, providing further testimony to Somerset’s allure for nuptial celebrations.

An Invitation to your Belcombe Court Wedding Florist

If the whispers of the past and the enchantment of nature call out to you, then Belcombe Court beckons for your special day. Allow us to bring your vision to life with our expertise in marquee wedding flowers. Do get in touch if you’re searching for a Belcombe Court wedding florist; it would be our honour to contribute to the magic of your ceremony at this extraordinary venue.

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