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Boconnoc: The Hidden Cornish Wedding Venue

March 19, 2023

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Caroline & Antonia x

Tying the knot in the lap of luxury surrounded by the lush Cornish landscape is a dream many brides-to-be and engaged couples harbor. Nestled in Cornwall’s heart, Boconnoc stands as a testament to grandeur and serenity – making it an idyllic location for your special day. Your guide by Fleur Provocateur, South-West florist creating wedding flowers in Cornwall.

Recognized for its captivating beauty, which seems to have leaped out of a romantic novel, Boconnoc beckons those who long for a wedding backdrop that combines historical charm with natural elegance.

For event planners and couples looking to make their wedding a weekend soiree, the Boconnoc Estate offers an experience that goes far beyond the ordinary. With its striking Georgian architecture, the estate lies at the end of a sweeping drive through an ancient parkland set deep in the countryside.

A Brief Exploration of Boconnoc’s Majesty

Boconnoc has an array of choices when it comes to picking the perfect spot for your wedding vows and celebration. Large open lawns, surrounded by rhododendrons and ancient trees, frame a setting that holds the whispers and romance of past centuries. The Georgian bathhouse, The Dorothy Garden or the secluded Woodland Glade, each provides a distinctive atmosphere for an outdoor ceremony.

For those dreaming of a classic indoor setting, the Coach House resonate with character, catering up to 100 guests. The estate is home to the Boconnoc Church which can hold a congregation of up to 170 guests.

Thoughts from your Cornish Wedding Florist

If your wedding vision aligns with historic luxury and stylish rustic elegance, Boconnoc is a name you should pin to the top of your venue list. And what’s a wedding without the heavenly scent and breathtaking aesthetics of exquisite florals?

For those seeking a sublime fusion of floral artistry beholden to the magical aura of Boconnoc – as a Cornwall wedding florist, we eagerly extend our services to bring your floral fantasies to life. We are at the ready to curate bespoke floral arrangements that synchronize with Boconnoc’s ethereal vibe.

If you’re in need of a Bocconoc wedding florist, do consider reaching out. We are enthusiastic about the prospect of adorning this beautiful venue with arrangements that enhance its already radiant appeal.

Crafting Your Dream Wedding Flowers with Us

Seeking a wedding filled with grace and sophistication? Boconnoc’s enchanting environment awaits you. We beckon all brides-to-be, event planners, and engaged couples dreaming of a fairytale wedding to step into the narrative that Boconnoc Estate offers.

Boconnoc Flowers by Cornwall Wedding Florist

Should the gentle rustle of the Cornish breeze and the delicate blend of historic elegance with modern flair speak to your heart, we invite you to get in touch with us. We are ready and waiting to serve as your chosen Boconnoc wedding florist. Whether it’s dramatic installations, delicate bouquets, or a vision you wish to bring to life through petals and stems, we are excited to add to the magic of your day at this exceptional venue.

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