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Why do Wedding Florists have Minimum Spends?

March 10, 2023

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Caroline & Antonia x

For many couples, planning a wedding is a blend of dreamy excitement and pragmatic decision-making. Florists often have minimum spend requirements for wedding flowers that can cause confusion and sometimes sticker shock among soon-to-be-weds. In this guide, we’ll walk you through why this is the case and how you can make sure your floral dreams are as sustainable for your wallet as they are stunning for your day.

The Florist’s Perspective

It’s vital to understand why a minimum spend is typically in place. Florists, like any other business, have set overheads and costs associated with the service they provide. This includes not only the raw materials—the flowers themselves—but also skilled labour, insurance, overheads for studio, transportation and delivery, and setup and breakdown costs on the big day.

In the case of weddings, where a florist’s touch elevates the entire ambience, unpacking this pricing isn’t just a matter of adding up the flowers’ wholesale costs. There’s also design time—consulting with clients to understand and then shape their vision, creating bespoke arrangements, and the meticulous crafting work that can take days.

For small, independent florists who pour their hearts into each wedding, the case for a minimum spend is even more compelling. It allows them to prioritize quality and artistry over volume, ensuring they can afford to take on larger scale and often more complex work associated with weddings.

Time Investment & High Quality

A wedding is not a mere transaction; it is a partnership in time. One of the most significant advantages of working with a florist who implements a minimum spend is the promise of time. By opting to service a limited number of weddings, the florist ensures that your event receives their undivided attention. This commitment translates into a more intimate, detailed, and personalized service. The pressures of time are eased, allowing for a seamless flow of creativity and execution. The minimum spend is not just a financial threshold; it’s a gateway to unparalleled dedication and focus.

Final Thoughts

Minimum spends for wedding flowers are not arbitrary money grabs. Instead, they are tools that help florists maintain high quality and service standards. Understanding this can not only provide you with financial transparency but also enhance your collaboration with your floral artist. Remember, the right florist is invested in bringing your vision to life while honoring their craft and the blooms they work with. Invest the time to find a florist who resonates with your aesthetic and ethos.

At Fleur Provocateur, in order to bring your vision to life in the way it deserves, we have a minimum spend of £5,000  within Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire. For weddings further afield from our studio base, our minimum spend is £8,000.

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