A Florist’s Dream Come True at Kin House, Wiltshire

March 9, 2023

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Caroline & Antonia x

In the picturesque heartlands of Wiltshire, Kin House emerges as a fairytale backdrop for a wedding florist. Whether you’re a bride-to-be, an event planner, or an engaged couple, joining hands at Kin House promises an unforgettable beginning to your forever. As a Wiltshire wedding florist, we lead you through this gorgeous new venue.

Kin House: The Luxurious Wiltshire Wedding Venue

As a Wiltshire wedding florist, Kin House has always twinkled from the top of our bucket list of floral canvases, teeming with creative potential. We were brimming with delight upon receiving an invitation for a site tour last year. Standing within its walls, it’s clear that Kin House is where artful elegance meets timeless romance.

Source: Kin House

Interior Design That Speaks of Love

Every corner of Kin House oozes bespoke luxury, thanks to the visionary mastery of Barlow & Barlow interior designs. The fusion of classic architecture with contemporary chic provides a stage set for love stories to unfurl in vibrant hues and whispered luxury.

Spaces waiting for Wedding Flowers

The beauty of Kin House extends far beyond its walls into a medley of dedicated spaces, each offering unique ceremony and celebration options:

  • The Arbour: Imagine saying ‘I do’ beneath a serene outdoor setting that captivates the essence of nature’s splendor.
  • The Garden House: Ideal for those who envision an inside-outside wedding experience, bridging the best of both realms with effortless grace.
  • Kilvert Hall: A majestic indoor space where large receptions come alive amidst historical grandeur, perfectly equipped to host a grand celebration.
  • The Garden: A pristine garden setting awaits for portraiture or a sun-kissed drinks reception, complete with the sophisticate Fitz Bar.
  • The Hearth Room: Intimate and endearing, it sets the stage for a soothing rehearsal dinner, fostering warmth and closeness among guests.
  • To top off the charm, Kin House flaunts 12 exquisitely decorated bedrooms, offering comfort and artistry for a restful retreat after a day filled with love and festivity. Not to mention, the beautiful dressing rooms and bathrooms.

Nearby, Euridge Manor offers yet another venue option for those captivated by the heart of Wiltshire’s charm.

Contact Us for Kin House Wedding Flowers

At the heart of each space stands a story waiting to be adorned. If you’re seeking a Kin House wedding florist to bring your floral fantasies to life, we invite you to get in touch. Allow us to be the artisans who add the finishing touch of floristry finesse to your enchanting Kin House wedding.

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