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Garden Weddings: Choosing Flowers That Complement Natural Settings

March 1, 2023

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Caroline & Antonia x

The fantasy of a garden wedding, with its ethereal charm and the enchantment of nature’s splendor, resonates with many engaged couples who dream of an idyllic start to their forever. There’s nothing quite as romantic as tying the knot surrounded by the bounty of nature and whispering flowers that speak the language of love. Choosing the right floral arrangements that mesh with the verdant tapestry of a garden setting is pivotal in creating a wedding that’s not just a ceremony but an experience for everyone present.

Fleur Provocateur specializes in conjuring up that very magic with wild, abundant flowers that echo the untamed heart of the South-West’s natural beauty. If your hearts are set on a garden wedding, here’s some advice on selecting the perfect blooms to harmonize with your outdoor venue.

Natural Harmony – The Secret to Elegance

When it comes to a wedding nestled in the lap of nature, the floral arrangements should feel like an organic extension of the garden itself. Ideally, the flowers chosen will celebrate and accentuate the surrounding greenery, enhancing the venue’s inherent beauty without overwhelming it.

Consider the Color Palette of Your Venue

When you’ve settled on a garden venue, take the time to understand its color palette. Notice the hues of the garden, the shades of green, and the colors of any existing flowers. Once you have a feel of the natural color scheme, choose your wedding flowers to either complement or gently contrast these tones.

Seasonal Selections

For an authentically natural ambiance, lean towards flowers that are in season during the time of your wedding. Seasonal blooms not only look fresher and more vibrant, but they also have the benefit of being more environmentally friendly and often more affordable. Talk to your florist about what’s available locally to reduce your ecological footprint while ensuring the freshest and most beautiful arrangements.

Go Wild and Abundant

The trend of tidy, symmetrical bouquets has its place, but a garden wedding calls for something more spirited. Consider bouquets that are looser, with a variety of textures and lengths. These types of arrangements mimic the spontaneous beauty of wild gardens and can make your wedding feel like part of the natural world.

Garden Wedding Flowers by South-West Wedding Florist

Choosing the right flowers for your garden wedding doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By working with the rhythm of nature and the skilled hands of a florist from Fleur Provocateur, every bud and stem will find its rightful place in the tableau of your wedding design

Nature’s amphitheater awaits to echo the vows of your union, surrounded by flowers that don’t just decorate but breathe life into your special day. May your garden wedding bloom as brilliantly as your future together.

Dream of a floral wedding immersed in the heart of nature? Connect with Fleur Provocateur and start weaving the natural splendor of the South-West into the tapestry of your wedding day.

Explore our wedding floral designs or book a consultation today to bring your garden wedding to life.

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