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Sezincote, Cotswolds: A Wedding Venue Like No Other

February 28, 2023

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Caroline & Antonia x

Within Cotswolds, seeped in rich history and breathtaking architecture, Sezincote stands as a beacon of romance and exclusivity. Majestic and serene, this 200-year-old Mogul Indian palace is a marvel set amidst a sprawling 4,500-acre estate. It boasts a vibrant history, having survived through generations and influenced the revival of the Indian style within the British cultural tapestry.

With its onion dome, minarets, and a curved orangery adorned by peacock-tail windows, this exquisite venue captures the essence of romantic intrigue, making it an extraordinary choice for a wedding that aims to astound and enchant.

Perspective from a Garden-Designer turned Florist

As a Cotswolds wedding florist, we specialize in creating wild, naturalistic arrangements that reflect the beauty of the Cotswolds as well as the grandeur of the Sezincote Estate. Imagine marquee wedding flowers that echo the charm of the English gardens meeting the allure of the Mughal architecture.

Explore the Splendour of Sezincote

The Venue

Each celebration at Sezincote is a unique affair. Evoking the romance of the Raj, Sezincote creates a sumptuous environment for weddings. Couples can exchange vows under the opulent canopy of the garden’s temples or beside the serene water features. The immaculately kept gardens, with their rolling vistas across the estate, serve as the perfect canvas for wedding photographers seeking to capture the heavenly aura of your day.

Sezincote – Weddings and Events

Discover the Surrounding Jewels

  • Ebrington Manor– A beautiful, historical house known for its elegance and pastoral beauty, located just a stone’s throw away.
  • Cornwell Manor -This private, family-owned home sits on a 2,000-acre estate and is an idyllic spot for multi day weddings.
  • Sudeley Castle – Offers the allure of royal history with its award-winning gardens, making it an enchanting location for castle weddings.

Each location affords its distinct charm, allowing you to explore various landscapes for your idyllic wedding.

Finding a Florist for your Sezincote Wedding

Hopeful hearts and romantic dreams find their sanctuary at Sezincote. If the vision of your wedding day aligns with the splendor and the storytelling of this sensational venue, do consider reaching out to us. Entrust your joyous occasion to a Sezincote wedding florist who understands scale, seasons and sustanability.

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