Cornwell Manor – The Quintessential Cotswolds Wedding Venue

February 10, 2023

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Caroline & Antonia x

In Cotswolds lies a gem of architectural beauty and elegance – Cornwell Manor. With its serene gardens, majestic ballroom, and storied walls, this Georgian-fronted manor opens its doors exclusively for summer weddings, offering a canvas for an exclusive celebration like no other.

Wedding Flowers at Cornwell Manor

During the blissful summer season, Cornwell Manor offers exclusive hire, ensuring a private and intimate setting for weekend weddings. The harmony of heritage and luxurious comfort creates an atmosphere of aristocratic charm that captivates all who stroll through its grounds.

Ceremonial Splendour

At Cornwell Manor, your vows can take on an ethereal note amidst different sceneries.

  • The Church of St Peter’s: Just a short walk from the manor, offering traditional nuptials in a historical setting.
  • Outdoor Garden Ceremony: Exchange rings in a floral fairytale in front of the elegant manor fountain.
  • The Ballroom: For those preferring grand indoor elegance, this space is sheer ceremonial perfection.
  • Post-ceremony, guide your guests to the exquisite formal gardens for a drinks reception where laughter mingles with the rustle of leaves and the soft chatter of friends and family.

The wedding breakfast marks a pivotal moment in your celebrations, and at Cornwell Manor, you can choose a marquee that matches the vision of your special day. With great flexibility, this caters to your imaginative whims, ensuring each detail reflects the unique story of your love.

End your celebratory weekend with a relaxed Sunday brunch and a truly British pool party, soaking in the last of the wedding bliss under the Cotswold sun.

Enchanting Alternatives

Cornwell Manor stands among a constellation of distinguished venues in the Cotswolds. For those considering other nearby venues, here are some worthy of attention: Ebrington Manor, Sezincote and Sudeley Castle.

Crafting Your Floral Dream

For the blossoming soiree at Cornwell Manor, the expertise of a dedicated Cotswolds wedding florist can tell your story. Specialising in wild and naturalistic marquee and church wedding flowers, we aim to bring the enchantment of the Cotswolds to life within your floral arrangements.

Finding you Cotswolds Wedding Florist

Cornwell Manor beckons you to step into its world where luxury meets history. We invite you to get in touch if you seek a Cornwell Manor wedding florist that understands the beauty and character of this exclusive venue. From the marquee to the church, we are here to flower your big day.

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