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Food Style vs Flowers: Considerations for your Wedding Florist

February 15, 2023

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Caroline & Antonia x

As a luxury wedding and event florist working across the South-West, we appreciate the importance of creating a harmonious atmosphere for your special day. While flowers may be the centrepiece of our services, we know that they must beautifully complement all aspects of your event – including the food.

The balance between the style of food service and the floral arrangements is an often-overlooked aspect that can make or break the overall aesthetic of your event. In this post, we’ll delve into the considerations you should make when determining your food and floral styles.

1. Why Food Style vs Flowers is Important:

To start, it’s important to understand why food style versus flowers is such a priority. The food is a key component of your aesthetic and atmosphere, and the type of service you choose (platters, individual plates, etc.) can have a significant impact on the visual appeal of your event. The type of food service can influence the layout of the tables, the amount of space available for floral arrangements, and even the size and shape of the centerpieces themselves.

2. Exploring Different Styles of Wedding Food:

Next, let’s take a closer look at different styles of serving food and how they impact floral arrangements. Sharing platters are becoming increasingly popular for their social aspect, and can sometimes save money, but it’s important to consider the amount of space they will take up on your tables. You don’t want to overcrowd with platters, and leave too little space for floral arrangements. In contrast, individual plate service means more space on the tables, this leaves more room for floral arrangements, increasing their visual impact.

3. Table Width and Layout:

The table layout is also important to consider. No matter the style of food service you choose, you will want to ensure that your guests have adequate space for dining and socializing. This often means opting for a wider layout that allows space for decorations. For marquee events, it’s important to consider how much space there is between the center poles and how much room you have for tables. You’ll want a suitable distance between tables to avoid any crowding, and allow guests to feel comfortable while enjoying their meal.

4. Avoiding Clutter:

It is important to avoid clutter on the table, as it can be distracting from your beautiful floral arrangements. Multiple wine glasses, separate placards and menus, brightly coloured favours and bread plates can make the table look cluttered and unappealing. We suggest keeping items to a minimum to ensure that your floral arrangements are the focal point of the table design. By doing so, it ensures that the floral arrangements remain elegant and not too busy.

5. Harmonizing Flowers and Canapé Decorations:

Finally, let’s discuss flowers and the importance of harmony with the canapés decoration. You may have chosen a floral palette for your event, and you will want to ensure that this palette extends to the canapé displays as well. This creates a sense of continuity that is pleasing to the eye. The same floral palette can also extend to your cake flowers.

When it comes to food style versus flowers, it’s essential to keep in mind each element’s impact on the overall aesthetic of your event. As a luxury wedding and event florist working across the South-West, we are here to help you create the perfect balance between these two crucial components. From table layout to platter-style selections, we are committed to providing expert guidance to ensure your event is a success. 

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