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Somerley Estate; A Florist’s Dream Wedding Venue

February 21, 2023

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Caroline & Antonia x

From Hampshire wedding florist, Fleur Provocateur, this is your guide to Somerley Estate. In the lush, rolling hills of Hampshire lies a venue so elegant and steeped in grandeur that it has become the epitome of dream weddings – welcome to the world of Somerley Estate. For brides-to-be, wedding planners, and engaged couples seeking an impeccable setting to tie the knot, Somerley offers an enchanting backdrop that whispers tales of romance and sophistication.

A Vision of Elegance and Heritage

Somerley, a name synonymous with beauty and charm, stands proudly as a testament to the legacy of classic English architecture. What sets this venue apart is not just its regal ambiance, but its flexibility to shape the dream wedding you’ve always envisioned.

A Magical Setting Straight from the Silver Screen

Did you know that the esteemed Somerley Estate has graced the silver screen more than once? Its spellbinding allure has made it a sought-after filming location for cinematographers. The grandeur of the mansion and its pristine gardens have played host to crews and cast, adding a touch of Hollywood sparkle to its already radiant character.

Unforgettable Spaces Within Somerley

Prepare to be dazzled by the estate’s distinguished venues, each promising a unique aspect of charm:

  • East and West Libraries: Picture the warmth of oak-paneled walls lined with centuries-old books as the setting for an intimate ceremony or a sophisticated cocktail hour.
  • The Sunlit Drawing Room: Bask in the glow of natural light for your nuptials, surrounded by exquisite artwork and refined decor.
  • The Picture Gallery: Host a grand reception where guests can dine amidst a breathtaking collection of fine art.
  • Marquee in the Grounds: For those who dream of a lavish outdoor celebration, the extensive grounds offer the perfect canvas to erect a marquee, tailoring the space to your theme and scale.
  • Woodland Weddings: Tie the knot in the heart of nature in a whimsically enchanting woodland setting, offering a truly unique experience.
  • Luxurious Accommodations: The Estate boasts sumptuous on-site accommodations for up to 18 guests within the house, with additional cozy spaces available at a nearby farmhouse, ensuring a lavish stay for you and your loved ones.

New Forest Wedding Venues Worth Considering

While Somerley stands unparalleled in grandiosity, New Forest is home to other remarkable venues such as St Giles House, Chewton Glen, 10 Castle Street, and Lime Wood Hotel, each offering their distinct brand of luxury and exclusivity for your special day.

Your Dream Wedding Deserves Dreamy Florals

For those yearning for a floral arrangement worthy of Somerley’s opulence, finding the perfect wedding florist is a chapter in your wedding planning story. As a dedicated Hampshire wedding florist, we consider it a privilege to craft floral designs that complement the magnificence of Somerley Estate. Having created exquisite arrangements in Hampshire, Somerley sits proudly on our bucket list of wedding venues.

We’re Here to Flower Your Somerley Wedding

Captivating ambience, historical allure, and modern sophistication intertwine at Somerley Estate, poised to make your wedding the most talked-about celebration for years to come.

Is your heart set on a Somerley wedding? If the enchanting prospect of a Somerley wedding captures your imagination, please do get in touch. Our creativity knows no bounds when it comes to designing floral masterpieces for your unforgettable day. From wild installations to centerpieces that speak volumes about elegance, we are your Somerley wedding florists, here to bring your vision to life.

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