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The Ultimate Flower Guide for Your Marquee Wedding

April 10, 2024

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Caroline & Antonia x

Are you in the midst of planning a marquee wedding in the beautiful South West, and considering your floral options?

Crafting a memorable, enchanted marquee wedding experience requires minute attention to detail, particularly when it comes to wedding flowers. This blog aims to guide you through the vital considerations when choosing the ideal flowers for your marquee wedding.

Marquee by Western Marquees, Photographs by Millie Pilkington.

1. Height:

The height of your flowers is an essential factor to consider when decorating your marquee. You can choose to bring flowers down from the roof space or up from tables. This allows for an immersive guest experience, and attracts the eye to move around the marquee.  

2. Floral Focal Point:

If budget allows, you spend the most amount of time in your reception marquee, it is lovely to have a floral focal point, a location where your guests’ eyes will be drawn to. An entrance or big bar decoration is an excellent way to create a floral statement. 

3. Colour:

The white walls of your marquee present an excellent opportunity to add colour with your floral palette, linen, or tableware. Design a floral scheme and colour palette that runs throughout your wedding. 

4. Lighting and Candlelight:

Lighting can elevate your marquee wedding from just lovely to magical. When designing your marquee, keep lighting and candlelights in mind. Hanging fairy lights can add a warm and cozy atmosphere, while candles offer a romantic feel. Talk to us about different types of production lighting, such as chandeliers, and candlesticks, we are very happy to provide recommendations. 

5. Fill in ‘Dead Spaces’:

Marquees can feel quite large and spacious. There may be some areas that feel empty due to the venue’s size or layout, but don’t allow that to deter you. Filling in those dead spaces with trees or other decoration options can create an intimate wedding feel.

6. Surroundings:

A great way to bring the outside inside your marquee is by taking inspiration from the surroundings of the marquee. Create a secret garden by using wild, naturalistic designed flowers. 

Finding a Florist for your Marquee Wedding

Marquees are the perfect blank canvas for designing a dream wedding. As your South West wedding florist, we’d be delighted to discuss your vision further, helping you to craft a truly unforgettable marquee wedding adorned with breathtaking wedding flowers.

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