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From Vision to Venue: Came House Weddings by Dorset Florist

April 11, 2024

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Caroline & Antonia x

Came House is a wedding venue that embodies the essence of romance and grandeur. It’s where historical elegance meets modern sophistication, making it a magical place to say “I do”. At Fleur Provocateur, Dorset Wedding Florist, we have been fortunate enough to bring floral dreams to life within this Palladian gem, and we’re thrilled to share this guide with you.

Nestled in the idyllic heart of Thomas Hardy’s Dorset, only ten minutes from the breathtaking Jurassic coast, Came House is an exclusive offer of luxury and tranquility. Just a stone’s throw from Dorchester with convenient rail links, it’s a hidden treasure waiting to create unforgettable memories.

view of came house

Hannah Duffy Photography

Your Wedding Team

Rags and George, the owners of Came House, bring their warmth and experience to ensure the venue retains its enchanting charm and runs seamlessly. Melanie and Danielle, the stars from Belisimo Weddings, specialize in venue coordination, meticulously attending to every detail and making sure your special day unfolds without a hitch. Their combined expertise and genuine love for celebration make them not just service providers, but cherished companions on your wedding journey.

The Ceremony Spaces

From the conservatory to the Italian Gardens, every corner of Came House exudes a different character. Your vows might echo through the stunning Domed Conservatory or mingle with the summer air on the rear Terrace. For blessings, the 15th-century St Peters Chapel sits within the grounds, while local churches offer options for religious ceremonies.

The celebrations continue amidst the splendour of the extensive formal gardens, which provide not only a backdrop for photographs but a space for guests to mingle with croquet and a cool drink in hand.

outside fountain at came house

Your Marquee Wedding

The pinnacle of the Came House experience is their custom marquee in the “Secret Garden.” Its luxurious design allows uninterrupted views of the surrounding gardens and provides a picturesque setting for your wedding breakfast and reception. The Fleur Provocateur team adores transforming this space—imagine dining under trees within the marquee, surrounded by bespoke floral arrangements tailored to your theme.

came house wedding flowers

Extended Celebrations

Cap off the evening with a dance floor that calls for endless revelry. An oak dance floor, stage for your chosen bands, sophisticated interior lighting, and an outdoor firepit ensure that your night is as enchanting as your day.

When the clock strikes the end of a perfect day, retreat to the beautiful Bridal Suite, and allow your guests to enjoy the luxurious accommodations in the main House and guest cottages.

Fleur Provocateur takes pride in the weddings we have adorned with florals at Came House—each bloom tells the story of love and celebration.

Why Choose Came House?

  • Enchanting Palladian Country House with gorgeous interiors
  • A versatile venue team that’s as dedicated to your wedding as you are
  • Beautiful marquee set in a ‘Secret Garden’
  • Ample accommodation and a weekend-long experience
  • A Fleur Provocateur favourite for creating bespoke floral settings

Fleur Provocateur at Came House

For those interested in glimpsing more of the magic we’ve crafted, our portfolio showcases a stunning array of weddings, each radiating its own unique charm and elegance. Delve into the stories of love and joy we’ve had the privilege of bringing to life through our floral designs by visiting our Wedding Gallery.

  • Discover the Garden Marquee: Step into a world where every detail tells a tale of romance and magic. Explore the enchanted garden-themed wedding of H & K, with use of living trees to make this space more intimate.
  • Abundant Elegance in the Orangery: Marvel at the sophisticated orangery celebration of E & D. This portfolio piece showcases our ability to blend natural beauty with elegant design.

Came House by Your Dorset Wedding Florist

A wedding at Came House, graced with floral designs by your Dorset wedding florist, Fleur Provocateur, is more than an event—it’s the creation of timeless memories nestled in the luscious landscape of Dorset. With so many personalised touches and spaces as versatile as your dreams, Came is a venue that stands as a testament to love, nature, and celebration.

If you’re envisioning a Came House wedding imbued with florals that speak your love story, get in touch with us at Fleur Provocateur. Together, we’ll make your day one to be retold for generations.

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