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Embracing the Wild: How to Create Naturalistic Wedding Flowers

April 12, 2024

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Caroline & Antonia x

In a world where perfection often dictates our choices and desires, there’s an emerging trend that celebrates the raw beauty of nature. For the engaged couple who sings to the tune of the wind and finds joy in the untamed, naturalistic wedding flowers can be the perfect way to translate their love story. We’re not talking about stuffy arrangements in floral foam or the usual fanfare of roses and lilies; we’re talking about naturally beautiful blooms, subtle and robust foliages, and an aesthetic that feels like a gentle walk through the woods.

Creating a naturalistic wedding flowers is an art form that allows you to tap into the fertile ground of nature’s colour palettes and textures, often incorporating seasonal and local flora. In this guide by Fleur Provocateur, a florist inspired by the landscapes of Somerset and Dorset, we’ll explore our ethos to creating naturalistic wedding flowers.

Image by Sophia Veres Photography

The Philosophy of Wild Beauty

It’s not about chaos or neglect. Instead, it’s an intentional celebration of the imperfectly perfect. Each bloom and stem is chosen for its unique attributes, from the curve of the branch to the nuances in color. The philosophy of wild beauty believes that there is no greater artist than nature itself, and our role is to curate, not control.

Your bouquet should embody this philosophy, feeling organic and as though it were plucked from its natural habitat. Whether you choose garden roses or delicate wildflowers, each component should be allowed to express its untamed charm.

Colour and Contrast

One of the most captivating elements of naturalistic flowers is the broad spectrum of colors and the captivating contrasts within them. Seek inspiration from the nature around you. The vibrant green of spring’s new growth contrasted with the deep red of a rosehip, or the soft pastels of a summer meadow against the rich earth tones of autumn.

Don’t shy away from diversity. The more textures and colors, the better. Sometimes, the greatest beauty lies in the unexpected juxtaposition of a pale, delicate petal against a rugged, dark branch.

Seasonal Selection

Choosing flowers that are in season not only ensures you’re getting the freshest and most robust blooms, but it also anchors your wedding to the time and place. A springtime celebration will be brightly bedecked with daffodils, hyacinths, and tulips, while a fall ceremony might feature the robustness of chrysanthemums and the warmth of goldenrod.

Seasonal selection doesn’t mean you’re limited, however. There are blooms for every season that can bring a sense of abundance and fertility to your wedding flower, no matter the time of year.

Foliage and Texture

Foliage is the unsung hero of wedding floristry. Its role is to complement and enhance the beauty of the blooms without overshadowing them. Incorporate a variety of leaves, from the velvety softness of lamb’s ear to the slender elegance of eucalyptus.

Texture is just as vital. Think about the way blooms will interact with each other. Some will be open and sprawling, while others will be compact and buttoned-up. Each layer of the bouquet should play off the next, creating a harmonious chaos that is both lovely and lively.

Gathering and Arrangement

When it comes time to gather and arrange your flowers, think like the breeze that gathered them in the first place. There should be a natural movement to the bouquet, a sense that it’s not just a cluster of flowers but a living, breathing entity. Some branches may jut out, casting shadows and creating space. Others may intertwine, supporting and highlighting each other’s beauty.

Your Naturalistic Wedding Florist

Creating a wild and naturalistic wedding flowers with Fleur Provocateur, your naturalistic wedding florist, turns wedding arrangements into a celebration of the earth’s beauty. Designing these flowers, one feels the freedom of the outdoors, as each arrangement is meant to mirror the natural irregularity and grace of wild landscapes. With a focus on sustainability, Fleur Provocateur champions using local, Somerset, Dorset seasonal blooms where possible and supporting our local economy. Do get in touch to chat about your wild wedding flowers.

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