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The Magic of Parish House: An Idyllic Marquee Venue near Bath

December 2, 2022

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Caroline & Antonia x

Picture a marquee wedding venue that combines the charm of historic architecture with the breath-taking beauty of Somerset’s rolling hills. Parish House is that fairy-tale setting where every couple can celebrate their love amidst mesmerising views and picture-perfect backdrops.

A Glimpse into Parish House

Nestled in the picturesque countryside, Parish House offers a rich tapestry of history and elegance for milestone events like weddings. Its heritage dates back to the romantic era of English country houses, creating a timeless stage for couples to exchange their vows.

You can learn more about the storied history of Parish House by visiting their website Parish House Weddings.

Marquee Weddings with a View

Imagine your wedding breakfast under soft drapery of a luxurious marquee, surrounded by nature’s serenity. Parish House is renowned for its marquee weddings, providing a sublime canvas for personalisation and creativity. The expansive grounds ensure every celebration is exclusive and private, giving you and your guests an intimate experience.

Floral Perfection by a Somerset Wedding Florist

For couples looking to elevate their wedding decor with stunning floral arrangements, having a seasoned Somerset wedding florist can make all the difference. Located near Bath and less than an hour’s drive from Parish House, we are passionate about bringing floral dreams to life, especially within the opulent confines of a marquee setting.

Our expertise lies in crafting bespoke flower designs that reflect the personalities of each couple, complement the luxuriousness of marquee weddings, and enhance the scenic charm of Parish House.

If you’re envisioning a wedding enveloped in floral splendour, please consider reaching out. We would be honoured to serve as your Parish House wedding florist and create a botanical spectacle for your special day.

Discover Nearby Venues

Somerset and the Bath area is adorned with a collection of exceptional venues, each promising a unique ambiance for your wedding:

  • Belcombe Court: An elegant estate offering a blend of historic refinement and modern luxury.
  • Hamswell House: With its own private rural estate, it provides a picturesque setting for your event.
  • Farleigh House: Serving grandeur and sophistication, perfect for sumptuous celebrations.
  • Babington House: This Georgian estate is a stylish sanctuary known for its chic design and tranquil gardens.

All these venues hold their own charm and we can provide impeccable floral arrangements to match their unique beauty.

Your Bath Marquee Florist at Parish House

Planning a wedding can be a mosaic of decisions, but choosing the right florist doesn’t have to be a conundrum. If Parish House is your chosen venue, and you desire wedding flowers that resonate with elegance and natural beauty, we’re at your service.

We specialise in marquee wedding flowers, ensuring that every bloom adds to the narrative of your love story. Please get in touch for a Parish House wedding florist.

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