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Fleur Provocateur: Blushing Recognition as Best South West Wedding Florist

November 15, 2022

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Caroline & Antonia x

In the picturesque stretch from Cornwall to the Cotswolds, the essence of love and celebration is captured through the stunning botanical artistry of Fleur Provocateur. It’s here, in these idyllic settings, that our team has flourished, earning the esteemed title of the Best South West Wedding Florist. This accolade, awarded by The Wedding Industry Awards (TWIA) in November 2022, marks a significant milestone in our adventurous and creative endeavor in the world of wedding floristry.

South West Wedding Florist

Our dear clients, whose weddings we’ve had the privilege of enhancing with our floral designs, have been the ones to vote us into this position of honor. Their trust, support, and the heartfelt testimonials they’ve shared speak volumes, not just of our professional relationship, but of the passion and dedication we pour into every wedding design

To everyone who has crossed paths with us—our clients, our incredibly dedicated team, and our supporters—a heartfelt thank you.

Luxurious Floral Design and Naturalistic Installations

At Fleur Provocateur, we pride ourselves on pushing the boundaries of traditional wedding floristry. Our specialty lies in crafting luxurious floral designs and immersive naturalistic installations that transform spaces and create enchanting atmospheres. We believe that wedding florals should not only complement the celebration but become a pivotal element of the story being told.

Venturing from Cornwall to the Cotswolds, our approach is driven by a deep understanding of the landscape and a desire to bring nature’s unrestrained beauty to each event. Our designs are reflections of the environment, invoking a sense of place that is both evocative and breathtaking.

Focused on the Client Journey

Central to our philosophy is the client’s journey with us—an experience we deeply cherish and meticulously nurture. Recognizing that each couple’s vision is unique, we offer personalized consultations and dedicate ourselves to interpreting and bringing those visions to life. Our high level of service ensures a seamless and enjoyable process, from the initial conceptual discussions to the breathtaking reveal on the wedding day.

Our commitment to creating unforgettable floral experiences is what sets us apart as the premier South West wedding florist. Whether it’s a rustic barn wedding, a sprawling Cotswold estate, or the rugged Cornish coastline, we promise florals that are not merely decorations but integral to the celebration of love.

Looking to the Future: South West Wedding Florist

As we move forward, buoyed by our regional win and the profound gratitude for the support we’ve received, Fleur Provocateur continues to dream big. Our ambitions are green and blossoming, with heart and soul poured into every project we undertake. We envision a future where our floral designs continue to inspire, enchant, and celebrate love in all its forms across the South West and beyond.

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your most cherished moments. Together, we’ll continue to create beauty, evoke emotions, and make memories that last a lifetime. For those in the outset of their nuptial planning, seeking unparalleled floral elegance, we extend an invitation to begin a beautiful floral journey with Fleur Provocateur, your awarded South West wedding florist.

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