what does a wedding florist do

What Does a Wedding Florist Do? The Artistry Behind Your Big Day

November 4, 2022

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The life of a wedding florist is far from simply skipping through flower fields with wicker baskets in hand. Here, a behind-the-scenes glimpse into, ‘what does a wedding florist do?’

When it comes to weddings, the magic lies in the details, and one of the most essential elements that brings beauty, colour, and a touch of nature to your special day is the flowers. Enter the wedding florist, not just a vendor, but an artist and a visionary, who transforms your floral dreams into reality. Today, we’re introducing you to our world of Fleur Provocateur, a luxury wedding florist based in the South-West, and unravelling the intricate tapestry of responsibilities we manage to make your day unforgettable.

Understanding Your Vision

This floral journey starts with a meeting – whether directly with the couple or through a wedding planner. This initial consultation is crucial as it’s where the florist begins to understand the couple’s vision and preferences for their wedding. It’s a meeting of minds to ensure that the floral designs will perfectly complement the ceremony, from the bouquets to the tone of candles adorning the tables at the reception.

Expert Advice and Planning

Given their wealth of experience, wedding florists like Fleur Provocateur provide invaluable advice on selecting flowers. This guidance includes considering the seasonality of blooms, aligning choices with the wedding’s budget, and ensuring everything harmonises with the overall theme. They then craft a detailed floral plan, a blueprint that guides the creation of every piece, ensuring each arrangement beautifully integrates into the wedding’s aesthetic narrative.

Sourcing and Creating

A significant portion of a wedding florist’s role involves sourcing high-quality flowers and greenery from trusted suppliers. This ensures the wedding is adorned with the freshest, most vibrant blooms available. Following this, the florist takes on the task of designing and arranging the flowers – from the bride’s bouquet to the centrepieces and boutonnieres to large installations, every piece is created with precision and care, infused with personal touches that reflect the couple’s style and story.

The Big Day

On the wedding day, the florist ensures the timely delivery and setup of all floral elements. This includes making any necessary adjustments to ensure everything looks perfect. Their role doesn’t stop at delivery; they work in harmony with wedding planners, venue staff, and other vendors to ensure the event’s aesthetics are seamless and breathtakingly beautiful.

Beyond the Wedding

What happens to the beautiful arrangements post-celebration? Wedding florists like Fleur Provocateur offer post-wedding services such as creation of bouquets or donations of to confetti charities, allowing the memories of your special day to live on or be shared as a gift of gratitude or remembrance.

What does a Wedding Florist Do?

In essence, a wedding florist does more than just supply flowers. They play a pivotal role in bringing the aesthetic vision of your wedding to life, ensuring that every floral element adds to the beauty and atmosphere of the day. From the planning stages to the final tear-down, wedding florists like Fleur Provocateur are there to ensure that your floral decor is nothing short of spectacular, making your special day one to remember for a lifetime. Do get in touch to start your floral journey.

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