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December 5, 2023

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For those who desire the epitome of luxury, Fleur Provocateur — a florist synonymous with abundant floral designs — has curated a list of the top Devon wedding venues.

In the south-west of England lies Devon, a region revered for its natural beauty, rich heritage, and quintessential British charm. It’s no wonder that soon-to-be-weds and esteemed wedding planners flock to this idyllic county in search of the perfect backdrop for their special day.

Best Devon Wedding Venues

From sprawling estates to historic manor houses, each locale possesses its own unique allure and promises a wedding that will forever be etched in the hearts of every guest. If opulence and romance are the heartbeats of your nuptials, then prepare to be captivated by these exclusive Devonshire gems.

Langdon Court Manor, best venue in Devon

1. Langdon Court

Timeless Romance at Langdon Court

Tucked away in the unspoiled countryside, Langdon Court exudes a sense of timeless elegance. This breathtaking venue, with its 16th-century manor house, is shrouded in history and surrounded by acres of enchanting gardens.

For couples seeking a secluded yet storied setting for their celebrations, Langdon Court checks all the boxes. The manor has been carefully restored to retain its archaic charm while providing all the contemporary amenities one expects from a luxury wedding venue. The gardens, meticulously maintained, play host to an array of flora that can be woven into rich, romantic flower arrangements, each designed to complement the beauty of the natural environment.

Website: Langdon Court

2. Huntsham Court

Grandeur Redefined at Huntsham Court

Huntsham Court stands as a bastion of grandeur in the heart of Tiverton. This majestic, Gothic-inspired, Victorian mansion is not just a wedding venue; it’s a testament to opulence and sophistication, offering couples and their guests an exclusive and indulgent experience.

The grand hall and its painted ceiling, bedrooms with their lavish comfort, and the spacious, manicured grounds provide the ideal canvas for the most extravagant of nuptials. For those with an eye for luxury, Huntsham Court offers an unmatched allure that can be accentuated with the most luxurious floral designs fit for royalty.

Website: Huntsham Court

3. Anran

A Fusion of Flora and Opulence at Anran

Set in the rolling hills of South Devon, Anran is a fusion of rustic charm and sheer opulence. This estate, with its historic buildings and tranquil setting, crafts an ambiance that beautifully marries the traditional with the contemporary.

Couples can exchange vows in the intimate chapel before being swept away to the Orangery, where a floral spectacle awaits. The conservatory-style venue, blanketed in a canvas of glass with views of the estate grounds, becomes a verdant haven, turning each petal and stem into an expression of the couple’s romance.

Website: Anran

Kingston Estate, Devon

4. Kingston Estate

Ethereal Celebrations at Kingston Estate

The Kingston Estate, cradled within the rolling hills of South Devon, presents a bucolic backdrop for those who yearn for a celebration with ethereal grace. This graceful venue, with its regal Georgian house and sixteen acres of gardens, offers a serene environment for couples to pledge their vows.

The walled garden and glass marquee are a veritable feast for the eyes, and for the florally inclined, they are a playground where imagination knows no bounds.

Website: Kingston Estate

5. Pynes House

Where love mets luxury in the Exe Valley.

Pynes House emerges as the quintessence of countryside elegance and luxury, making it an idyllic destination for your wedding day. This exclusive-use country house, steeped in rich history, offers an enchanting backdrop for a celebration that’s as unique as your love story. With its sprawling 37-acre park in the serene Exe Valley, yet only a stone’s throw from the conveniences of Exeter, Pynes House provides a secluded haven where romance intertwines with the grandeur of nature.

Believed to be the inspiration behind Barton Park in Jane Austen’s “Sense and Sensibility,” Pynes House holds a romantic allure that transcends time, blending nostalgic charm with modern sophistication.

Website: Pynes House

Time to Choose your Devon Wedding Venue

With these venues, or marquees at home in Devon, Fleur Provocateur would love to be part of your wedding planning, please do get in touch.

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