Langdon Court Manor: A New Devon Wedding Venue

April 7, 2024

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Caroline & Antonia x

Amongst Devon’s rolling countryside, Langdon Court Manor emerges as a newfound gem for couples looking for luxurious wedding venue. In 2021 husband and wife duo Donna Ida Thornton and Robert Walton MBE discovered Langdon Court, and have since renovated it to the highest standards.

With its official doors open to lovebirds, this exquisite estate is not just a wedding venue; it’s a romantic canvas which we would love to flower. (Antonia would particularly love to work here as she is a fan-girl of Donna Ida Denim!)

langdon court manor wedding florist

Source: Langdon Court Manor

Introducing Langdon Court Manor

Langdon Court Manor brings together the grace of nature and the grandeur of history. This old-English manor house is fully licensed for civil ceremonies, providing a plethora of picturesque locales for saying “I do.”

Celebrate Love with Class and Elegance

The Palm Court, with its lush foliage and warm ambiance, sets a magnificent stage for an intimate exchange of vows. Additionally, the Victorian Patio, adorned with timeless floral cascades, radiates romance. The Renaissance Garden, rich with history and beauty, offers an ethereal setting, replete with the whispers of past courtly love affairs.

From Summer 2024, event marquee on the tiered garden’s front lawn is your haven for your wedding reception. Supplied by the renowned English Marquee Company, this space is a canvas for large weddings, allowing for personalized décor and themes that resonate with your love story.

Retire from the day’s jubilee into one of 14 individually designed luxury bedrooms, where comfort meets a dapple of historical splendor. Every detail within Langdon Court Manor speaks volumes of attention and care, assuring that your special day is ensconced in luxury.

langdon court manor wedding florist

Floral Dreams Brought to Life

As a Devon wedding florist, we are enamored by the prospect of breathing life into Langdon Court Manor’s architectural poetry with our floral designs. Imagine walking down an aisle bordered with blossoms that echo the manor’s serene palette or dining under chandeliers festooned with the soft hues in the glass marquee.

If you’re in need of a Langdon Court Manor wedding flowers, get in touch. We relish the thought of threading your narrative with the natural elegance of flowers, curated to complement this enchanting venue.

langdon court manor wedding florist

Discover Nearby Devon Venues

While Langdon Court Manor stands illustrious amidst Devon’s wedding venues, we recognize the magnificence of choice. We invite you to also explore:

  • Huntsham Court: A venue wrapped in grandeur and time-honored charm.
  • Anran: Where modern luxe meets idyllic countryside serenity.
  • Kingston Estate: A regal estate that curates moments into timeless memories.

Each venue offers unique backdrops, perfect for creating your own bespoke wedding experience.

Wedding Florist waiting to visit Langdon Court Manor

Contact us today to ensure that your wedding blooms in the splendor it deserves. At Langdon Court Manor, your new beginning will be as storied and splendid as the manor itself. Await no longer; this new and exciting venue is ready to fulfill your most cherished wedding aspirations.

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